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High Speed 2

February 2013

The Government has announced that the route for the Birmingham to Leeds branch of High Speed 2 will pass close by to Ashby and Packington, following the route of the A42.


Without a doubt it will make a significant impact on life in the area, with little benefit unless residents are prepared to travel to Toton or Birmingham to catch one of the trains.


There are two maps which describe the route in the area:


    Measham and Ashby


    Ashby and Breedon


Alternative Routes Document


There is also a document which explains some of the engineering options which led them to the preferred route, click here if you want a longer read. 


The government have clearly considered some other routes and in this document, of particular relevance to Packington Nook residents, is the possibility of a route significantly to the east of Measham and Packington which we believe would have a lot less social impact on the area.  Skip to pages 39-42 of this document to see the proposed route (HSL06) and then compare that to the alternative (HSL08) described in pages 51 - 56.  [These are the page numbers on the foot of the document].


Our response


Whilst the business and strategic justification for HS2 beyond Birmingham is unclear, we may have to accept that both main political parties appear committed to it and, if an act of Parliament causes it to go ahead, there is little we can do to stop it.


As a residents association we think it is important to make whatever representations we can. 

We are currently forming our response to the Government's consultation.  Watch here for more news.


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