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We've now completed our survey to represent the views of local people on the Packington Nook Development.  We've also completed our survey into the Local Development Framework - click here.

98% SAY NO!

During August 2008 PNRA supporters canvassed local residents and interviewed passers-by in Market Street.  A total of 3375 comment cards were completed.  Overwhelmingly, local people do not want building on the Packington Nook area and consider that building on open countryside around Ashby will harm the character of the landscape and damage the historic character of Ashby.

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Our survey also obtained a very clear view that roads, schools and health services are currently overloaded and would be unable to cope with further large-scale development in the town.

We'll be passing all of these comment cards and results to North West Leicestershire District Council with a clear request that they take the views of local people into account when making important decisions about the future of Ashby.  It could not be more obvious that local opinion wants the character of Ashby to be maintained and is opposed to further large-scale development

Results in detail

Q1. Are you in favour of up to 1000 houses being built between Lower Packington Road and the A42?

NO Overall


Market Street




Q2. Do you think that the loss of approx. 103 acres of open countryside between Lower Packington Road and the A42 would harm the character of the landscape?

YES Overall


Market Street




Q3. Do you think that local roads around the site and elsewhere in Ashby would be able to cope with the extra traffic arising from of development of this scale?

NO Overall


Market Street




Q4. Do you think that Ashby schools would be able to cope with the increase in children?

NO Overall


Market Street




Q5. Do you think that local health services would be able to cope with the increase in population?

NO Overall


Market Street




Q6. Do you think that large-scale, green field development will damage the historic character of Ashby?

YES Overall


Market Street




You can view the complete results by clicking here (requires Adobe Acrobat reader)

Survey information

Door-to-door canvass

Our door-to-door canvass received 2211 comment cards from the area shown on the map, primarily the southern side of Ashby and Packington village.  This was conducted between 1st August 2008 and 4th September 2008.

Market Street

We interviewed local people in Market Street on Fridays and Saturdays between Saturday 9th August and Saturday 24th August 2008.  A total of 1164 comment cards were completed.  Respondents came from Ashby and from towns and villages around the district.

Packington Village

Within Packington, results for our survey were absolutely conclusive.  During our door-to-door canvass there, we received 229 comment cards.  100% of respondents were against the development at Packington Nook.

Additional Comments

Respondents were also invited to make additional comments about the development.  Here is a selection.

"Ashby is a medieval Market Town.  Please may we keep it as it is?"

          A resident of Measham Road, Ashby

"The character of Ashby as a quaint market town will be irreparably damaged, amenities stretched beyond the limit and levels of traffic congestion unacceptable.  We would seriously consider moving if these developments went ahead."

          A resident of Wilfred Gardens, Ashby

"There has been enough development in Ashby already.  Leave our town alone!"

          A resident of Windsor Road, Ashby

"If I wanted live in a large town I would move to one.  Keep Ashby as a small market town"

          A resident of Beaumont Avenue, Ashby

"Very concerned that Lower Packington and Upper Packington Roads cannot deal with extra volume of traffic."

          A resident of Stuart Way, Ashby

"I do not believe we should encourage the use of Ashby as a commuter town - the A42 cannot cope!"

          A resident of Lower Packington Road, Ashby


          A resident of Pennine Way, Ashby

"Doctors' surgeries are already full to capacity.  Another 1000 houses would be 2500-3000 new patients."

          A local General Practitioner, Measham Road, Ashby

"Schools and health services cannot cope now"

          A resident of Moira Road, Ashby

"We already cannot get an NHS dentist locally, we regularly can't get to see our doctor, traffic around town is regularly congested and the schools are overcrowded.  If this goes ahead we will move out of Ashby to live elsewhere"

          A resident of Ulleswater Crescent, Ashby

"This development will intensify the problem Packington has with flood, overworked sewerage and increased traffic.  Farmland and wildlife are essential in preserving villages like Packington and historical towns like Ashby."

          A resident of Babelake Street, Packington


Thank you! - to everyone who took part in the survey and especially to our hard-working supporters who braved the wet summer weather!


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