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Issues at the Packington Nook Inquiry

Where is the proposed Packington Nook development?

Farm and meadowland south of Ashby, bounded by Lower Packington Road, Measham Road and the A42. Hallam Land already own much of the 103 acre site and want to build 1100 homes. They also propose 25 hectares of Industrial Development down to A42 junction 12.

Where may there be other housing developments in Ashby?

Developers are currently building 450 houses in Ashby. In addition they propose the sites shown below:


  • 500 houses Leicester Road
  • 1600 houses Moneyhill (north of the town centre towards the A511)
  • 145 houses Shellbrook (Moira Road)
  • 1100 houses Packington Nook
  • 500 houses Burton Road
  •         TOTAL 4295 additional houses!

  • There are 5000 houses in Ashby already – this would nearly double the town.
  • This does not take into account the development of industrial units and out of town retail units approved and planned.
  • What will be the impact on the town?

  • 1100 new homes at Packington Nook roughly equates to 3000 people with 2000 cars.
  • There are no immediate plans to significantly increase employment in the town.
  • Ashby will become an unsustainable commuter town with a huge reliance on cars.
  • Education?

  • Willesley Primary school, in the heart of the Packington Nook development, is currently full.
  • All of the schools in the town are at or very near capacity. There are currently 64 vacant spaces total in the Primary schools and no spaces in the Upper schools.
  • There is already a lot of school-run traffic – this would increase dramatically.
  • Sustainability?

    • Whilst there are good work opportunities in Ashby, most of the working population of the town (57%) commute away to work.
    • Proximity to the A42 and the trunk road network makes Ashby very attractive to those prepared to commute to Nottingham, Derby and the West Midlands.
    • However, this is not sustainable and this is an important consideration in deciding where development must take place.

    Health Services?

  • Doctors in the town are already over capacity. They have already taken on more staff to cope and are bulging with patients. This new influx of people would need a new surgery. Current thoughts this would be on the outskirts of the town, meaning a car trip to visit the doctor.
  • It is already impossible to find an NHS dentist. The only NHS dentist in Ashby is already full.
  • Water services and Environmental Risks?

  • The Packington Sewage Works is rated as High Risk category due to lack of capacity.
  • Part of the Gilwhiskaw Brook (which flows through Ashby towards Packington) and all the River Mease, into which it flows at Measham, is a SAC (special area of conservation) with European protection of its wildlife.
    • The continued increase of surface water flowing into the Gilwhiskaw in Ashby from these developments increases the risk from pollution and increased flow rates of damaging this important habitat.
  • Packington already suffers occasional flooding from the volume of water coming from Ashby. There is real concern that the plans to deal with this have not been properly thought-through.
  • Roads and Public Transport?

  • The extra number of cars that will be using the already congested roads of Ashby will cause a major headache for everyone who lives in the town.
  • There will be a lot of additional people commuting away from Ashby at a time when we are all concerned about the environmental impact of car travel.
  • Everyone will be affected by these developments - the residents of Upper and Lower Packington Roads and residents of Avenue Road will also have a large number of extra vehicles using the roads passing their homes. They will also have their on-street parking restricted.
  • The plan to re-open the Leicester-Burton railway line to passengers has not been implemented.
  • There is no bus service to Birmingham or Nottingham. The service from Leicester to Burton runs infrequently and generally Ashby is a public transport desert.
  • Conclusions

  • Everyone who lives in Ashby will be affected by the development in some way – whether by local services being stretched or the devastating impact of more cars to the congested town centre.

    Development at the Packington Nook site has been refused by the Secretary of State, following a public inquiry in October 2009. 



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